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How to Login to McAfee my Account?

With this tutorial guide, you can easily learn how to login to 'My McAfee' account. McAfee antivirus secures your digital presence and prevents unwanted access to your devices. Learn the process of the McAfee sign in and keep an active watch over the security of your device from a central platform.

Learn How You can Log in to 'My McAfee' Account

If you have McAfee account login details, you can easily access your 'My McAfee' account dashboard;

  • Open your default browser.
  • Type the McAfee homepage URL
  • Bring the mouse cursor to 'My Account' option.
  • Select sign-in option from the list.
  • Enter the password in the text box.
  • Click Log in to finish the 'My McAfee' login process.

How to login to 'My McAfee' on Desktop Application?

  • After installation launch the McAfee application.
  • Click the menu button and select 'My Account' from the list.
  • On my account screen, click the 'log in' link.
  • The link will take you to the McAfee login page.
  • Type in 'My McAfee' account login details and click Sign in.
How to Sign in to 'My McAfee' Account from Smart Phones?

McAfee extends its security to mobile devices too. The following steps will help you access McAfee account from your mobile;

  • Open the respective app store for android and iOS on the mobile.
  • Search for McAfee mobile security.
  • Tap install to download and install the app on your phone.
  • Tap the McAfee app icon to launch the app.
  • Tap the license agreement link to give your permission.
  • Tap the gear icon and open the menu.
  • Select my account option then tap Sign-in button.
  • Type the McAfee account login credentials and tap log in.

You are new to McAfee and don't have a McAfee account? Discover how you can register one for yourself easily

  • Open McAfee login page in a browser.
  • Click on 'My Account' option to expand the menu.
  • On 'My McAfe' login page click the Register now link.
  • On the next screen fill up the account registration form.
  • First, you have to fill in your first and last name.
  • Next, provide an email to be linked to 'My McAfee' account.
  • Enter a password, then retype it to confirm.
  • After filling the details click the 'I Agree' button.
  • Follow any additional instructions till the setup finishes.
Note:- After read all login and registration process if you faced any problem click here to fix McAfee login problem or contact to direct McAfee office team to solve your sign in issue

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