How to Fix a Slow Computer

Quick Speed Up Your PC/Laptop

How to fix a slow computer

How to Fix a Slow Computer Issue– Quick Help and Resolve

There are many reasons why one would have a SLOW COMPUTER. The same goes for HOW one would FIX these issues in a SLOW COMPUTER to speed up: there are many!
There are various different ways to FIX A SLOW COMPUTER. If you are experiencing a SLOW COMPUTER, the first step to help FIX the issue for speed up would be to:


Here is a list of various other ways how to FIX A SLOW COMPUTER issue to speed up.


  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys togather at the same time
  • Select Task Manager
  • On the Processes tab, you can see all your programs that are currently open and exactly how much of the CPU and Memory each program is using.
  • Close the programs you are not using. This will allow for the COMPUTER to reallocate its resources to programs that you need to use.


  • SEARCH for CONTROL PANEL by clicking on the magnifying glass on the lower left corner of your computer / laptop screen.
  • Then, click the PROGRAM AND FEATURES app. This will open all the installed programs on your COMPUTER / laptop
  • Any of these programs can be uninstalled by simply right clicking the selected program and clicking uninstall.
  • Some programs will require you to restart your PC; restart the PC/Laptop regardless and see how your COMPUTER runs.


Whenever a computer runs a program, a temporary file is stored on the hard drive. By deleting these temporary files, you prevent a SLOW COMPUTER by speed up the PC’s/Laptop overall performance.

  • Write the disk cleanp in the taskbar
  • Select Disk Cleanup from the list of results
  • Choose the drive of the computer to clean up, and after that click on OK.
  • Under Files to delete, If you need to get rid of Select the file type for a description
  • Select OK.


  • You need to write in search box of the taskbar, write disk cleanup, and in the result select Disk Cleanup.
  • Choose the from the list for clean up and after that select ok
  • If you need select the file write for a description.
  • After that Select OK.


When you defragment, or defrag, your hard disk drive (HDD), it will lessen the time it takes your computer to find the necessary data in order to run programs and apps. That data is stored on the COMPUTER's HDD before it is moved to the RAM where the program can access the necessary data. It makes the whole process faster and can FIX a SLOW COMPUTER issue.

  • Search for OPTIMIZE or DEFRAG and open the disk optimization tool
  • Select your hard drive and click Analyze. If, however, you have an SSD, this option is not available.
  • The results should show the percentage of fragmented files, check that percentage
  • You need to Click Optimize if want to defragment the computer drive. Do this when you do not need to use your COMPUTER for anything in order to ensure efficiency.


Most COMPUTERS' have unneeded programs which run as soon as you power on your COMPUTER and perhaps not running programs needed for your PC/Laptop to start. This could be a very good reason as to why your COMPUTER is SLOW. To see what programs are starting when you turn on your PC/Laptop:

  • Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys all at the same time
  • Select Task Manager.
  • On the Startup tab, you can see the items that are set to open and run as soon as you start the computer.
  • Look at what you really need to open when you start up and disable the other programs


  • Install an antivirus program if you do not already have one, there are many available for free online


Confirme your browser is a recesnt version
    Make sure you do not have too many add-ons or extensions because that can result with a SLOW COMPUTER


  • Have the latest windows version installed


  • Add more memory (RAM) to speed up computer / laptop, this will allow your PC to run the programs you need without slowing down the PC/Laptop
  • Upgrade the hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD), this will drastically speed up the performance of a SLOW COMPUTER!

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