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How to Recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password?

QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) has always got curiosity and attention of many businesses. QuickBooks POS can work independently and together from the original Enterprise Solutions by QuickBooks. Accepting the advantages of combining your medium or small business with QuickBooks is the wisest choice you can consider to grow your business. It allows you to access all the accounting data and track the financial activities whenever and wherever required. It also allows you to collect all the required files at one place securely.

Presently, QuickBooks is used by many businesses to maintain their accounts, Taxation and for other bookkeeping purposes. In case you are logged into the QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop POS consequently creates an admin user. The security updates can tend you to reset the password. Here we have given the important tips and points to help you know about how to recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale password.

Crucial Password Tips:

The administrator password is needed to access any data saved in your QuickBooks data files. This feature saves unauthorized access to your most important business information. But if you lost the password then you will also be locked from accessing the information.

  • There should be no spaces in the password.
  • Might be possible that your keyboard is not functioning properly so type your password in a text file.
  • Try to make a complex password that should be a minimum of 8 characters must have letters, digits, alphabets (uppercase and lowercase letters).
  • Caps Lock must be turned off.
  • Make sure Num Lock is turned on.
  • It might be possible that you are not using an updated version of QuickBooks where the password field might leave blank so make it sure that this is not the condition.
  • Make it sure that you are using the login credentials for QuickBooks admin account.

QuickBooks password reset

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How to Change or Recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password?

Whenever you lost the password you will not be able to access the company information and your bookkeeping data as well. So, it may stop or make hindrances in your workflow. QuickBooks software will not allow you to function what you want to do for managing your accounts, taxes and taxation in case the password is lost. To get you out from this unwanted condition you should follow the below instructions to recover your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password.

Change Your Password in QuickBooks:
  • Open QuickBooks company files > Select Company option > then Set up the Password as well as users.
  • >Enter your existing password and enter a new password into the new password section.
  • Click on OK button.

If you have lost the password then you can reset or recover your forgotten password in two ways:

First way

  • Open QuickBooks company file, when it comes to enter the password section, the click on Forgot my Password.
  • Answer the security or challenge question and click on the OK button.
  • Click OK once you get the Password Removed Window.
  • Now you will be asked to choose a new security question and password.
  • Fill all the information and click OK.
  • Try to open the file by using the new password.

Once you see the pop-up window showing the message "If you remove your password and challenge this question as well answer, and your QuickBooks company file is not password-protected" click the close button. After you close this screen, you will be allowed to make a new password and select the answers to the challenge or security question.

  • Open the Window and alter your QuickBooks password.
  • Make a fresh password as the new challenged question and click on the OK button.
  • Your file will open now.
  • By using reset code you can reset the Admin password.
  • Go to your automatic QuickBooks password reset tool to reset the Admin password.
Second Way

What to remember before resetting your QuickBooks Password using recovery tool?

In order to download the password recovery tool, you should verify the ownership and fill up the online form to the QuickBooks company file. It is important to fill all the information carefully in the password reset form to download the recovery tool. Follow the below steps to reset your QuickBooks admin password using password recovery tool:

  • Enter the full name of the registered user.
  • Enter your linked phone number.
  • 15-digit QuickBooks license number.
  • Enter registered email address and Zip code of the business location.

How to reset or recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale password using automated password recovery tool?

  • Open the tool and enter all the information in the form and click Submit.
  • Now agree with the Service Agreement form.
  • Read the form and click on Download.
  • Now to downloads and double-click on QuickBooks auto data recovery application.
  • Click the Browse button and choose the locked company file.
  • Click next and go your linked email account.
  • Open the email having security code from Intuit.
  • Copy this code and enter it into the password reset window.
  • Select the new password and click next.
  • Wait until the recovery tool resets your QuickBooks password.
  • Open your company file and enter a new password selected by you in the previous step.
  • Type a new password and select security questions for the company file.
  • Click on OK, now you can access the company file with the help of new password.
Hope this writing will help you to recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password.

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