Fix AOL Mail Not Working

AOL Mail is not working on my device and How to fix it?

There are numerous instances where users find it that AOL Mail is not working. These bumps though quite frequent are nothing serious and can be removed with some quick and easy fixes. AOL Mail undoubtedly is one of the most preferred email clients which provide an all in one solution for emailing, browsing, instant messaging, and dial-up connectivity. Yet as perfect as it may seem AOL Mail suffers frequent lags. So let's take a dig at how you should deal with prevalent AOL Mail issues and troubleshoot them.

Fix AOL Mail not working on windows

To troubleshoot the AOL not working or Mail stopped working error on windows, try the following fixes:

Apply correct AOL Mail server settings
  • Open settings in windows 10 and then navigate to manage the accounts option.
  • Here choose the AOL account and then click on the Mailbox Sync Settings option.
  • For the Mailbox sync settings, choose as IMAP Username and as Incoming Mail Server.
  • Port no. should be 143 (standard) and 993 (SSL).
  • For SMTP Outgoing Server enter Port: 587 and for SMTP Username enter
  • For password, type your Windows 10 Mail app password.

Fix AOL Mail not working on Mac

The main problem of not able to send or receive AOL Mail emails on Mac is due to incorrect given information like a mistyped email address or password and wrongly configured STMP server settings.

  • After you have installed AOL Mail on Mac open the email menu and click on the preference option.
  • In the preference window, click on the account tab and then choose the AOL Mail account.
  • Open the Account Information tab, check any mistyped entry, and correct it.
  • Now go back to AOL Mail account tab and select server settings.
  • Change the outgoing Mail menu to AOL Mail server.
  • Now click on the Edit STMP server list and verify that all the settings are correct.

Fix AOL Mail not working on android

If you are facing issues with AOL Mail on your android device, follow the below-mentioned steps to fix AOL mail is not working problem

Disable or Force stop the AOL app and then restart it

  • Go to Settings on your Android app and then tap the apps option.
  • From the list of the apps, find the AOL app, and click it.
  • On the following screen, you will see the uninstall and force stop option.
  • Click on force stop and if prompted for, click on the confirm button.

Update android to its latest version

AOL Mail to work properly needs the latest version of Android installed on the phone. You can easily update your phone's android version through settings and then update option.

Re-install the AOL app

  • If nothing works, the last resort is to delete the app from your phone and then reinstall it.
  • After uninstalling the app, simply open Google Play Store on your android device.
  • Type in AOL app in the search bar and press the search button.
  • Now click on the install button next to the AOL app to install it on your phone.

Fix AOL Mail not working on iPhone

If you are an iOS user and facing issues with my aol mail not working on your iPhone, apply the following fixes to bring it back to working state:

Reconfigure network settings

Faulty network settings can cause the AOL Mail not working issue. Resetting the network settings can help rectify it:

  • Open settings and then click on the general tab.
  • Now choose the reset option.
  • Reset option will present you with different settings, select the reset network settings option.
  • You should note that your VPN/APN settings if any and your wifi password will also be reset.

Reset your AOL Mail account

Removing and then adding the AOL account can also resolve the AOL Mail not working errors. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and then go to accounts and passwords.
  • Here, choose AOL account and then select, delete account option.
  • This will delete your AOL account from the phone.
  • Now to add the account, again open settings and go to account and passwords.
  • Click on add account option and enter AOL mail login credentials to sign in into your account.
Note: -

If still after read and follow all instruction your AOL mail not working so you should go to official AOL help page to connect AOL guys and fix your issue

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