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Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328 – Learn and Resolve

Learn, resolve and fix QuickBooks update error 1328. Whenever a user attempts to install/uninstall as well as repair the QuickBooks desktop file, receives the error. The file which is actually referenced by the errors is actually similar to c:\config.msi\PTXXX.TMP. To the surprise, it gets populated on the device screen in variant manners.

Several resolution tips are available to fix QuickBooks Error 1328 but before that it's essential to know the causes or reasons why QB desktop error keep coming across. Technical causes behind QuickBooks are quite troublesome and necessary requisites are to be followed to resolve these problems in the most feasible way.

Reasons behind Persistent Occurrence of QuickBooks Desktop Error 1328

There are several reasons behind the sudden eruption of QuickBooks update error 1328 but the sole cause can be installing a version with a different license number than what is being currently installed.

The.tmp files stored inside the config.msi folder can be one of the core reasons behind accounting application update error that prevents QuickBooks desktop application from completing the update process successfully.

Other Possible QuickBooks Error 1328 Causes

  • Malware or Trojan attack on the device
  • The file seems to be corrupted
  • Improper installation can be the prime reason
  • Software has not been downloaded properly on desktop
  • Desktop keeps getting shutdown or reboot
  • Network failure issue while downloading the application from the official intuit website
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How can QuickBooks Error 1328 be fixed?

Many people who are troubled with QB application problem have one question to ask "How can QuickBooks error 1328 be fixed". In order to deliver a satisfactory answer for their query, certain methods have been enumerated with steps aligned in it to deliver solutions for resolving QuickBooks 1328 desktop error.

As if QuickBooks application functionalities are damaged and reinstallation will not be helpful, it's better to uninstall QuickBooks desktop application from Windows device with installation files to be renamed and then re-install the program. This is a clean install and uninstalls process that fits as per requirement to resolve or fix this troublesome QuickBooks desktop error 1328.

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop
  • Press Win+R to open the command prompt and type control panel
  • Click OK to open the control panel dialog box
  • Choose the option to uninstall program and select the application
  • Follow the necessary steps to complete the app uninstallation process
Step 2: Rename installation folders

The installation folders can be renamed by QuickBooks clean install tool and in case, you've no plans to use this tool, rename QuickBooks installation folders manually.

  • Get QuickBooks clean install tool file downloaded and save it on desktop
  • Double-click QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.exe file to open the installation interface
  • Select accept option on license agreement and click Next
  • Choose the version of QuickBooks Desktop and then finally click continue
  • Once the message prompts up "QuickBooks is ready for clean installation", it's recommended to install into the default directory and click OK.

Now it's time to rename QuickBooks installation folders manually

  • Get the hidden files displayed on the windows explorer
  • Start renaming each and every folder by adding old or damaged before the file name before changing the file extension.

By applying these two steps, QuickBooks will be able to recognize the old folder easily that can really be helpful in getting the new one created in no time.

Step 3: Perform clean installations by re-installing QuickBooks Application
  • First of all, uninstall the old QuickBooks Application
  • Once the uninstallation gets completed, clean install QuickBooks
  • Apply any of the two options to install QuickBooks
    • Install QuickBooks instantly from the installation CD
    • Install QuickBooks through a downloaded file

>In case the product key in the CD installation file is invalid or you're not able to activate the application, it's better to opt for the second option to install QuickBooks Desktop application at personal or workstation PC.

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