Install QuickBooks Desktop for Mac on Multiple Computer

QuickBooks MAC version is completely different from Windows version. Troubles keep coming up while installing QuickBooks Desktop. There are certain limitations in Mac version which are highly evident as it lacks many features such as Sync manager as well as web connector. Intuit generally recommends QuickBooks online than Mac desktop version. In case you're thinking to switch from Windows to Mac version, then several important updates, as well as features which are available in the former version, cannot be made available in the Mac version in an appropriate manner.

As per the recent update, QuickBooks desktop for Mac has been discontinued but if you are thinking to manage the business accounts through Mac device, then certain steps are supposed to be implemented. The parallel software can help you a great deal to switch from Windows to Mac version.

Parallels desktop is an authenticated or licensed Mac OS application which helps a QuickBooks windows user to access the company files in the same way on the Mac device without any trouble. It's just like taking the remote access of another device on your device. Once the installation is completed, any application can be downloaded or installed which you generally operate on Windows device.

Install QuickBooks Desktop for Mac in a Convenient Way

If you've got a separate Mac device, then what's the need of using parallels Mac application as you can download setup file and Install QuickBooks application on it.

There would be no complications in installing and setup of QuickBooks desktop for Mac on more than one (multiple user) computer/pc. Step by step instructions are listed below that can help you fulfill the requirements of working on Mac device.

Install QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Step 1:

Check the device requirement and configurations to install QuickBooks application on Mac

QuickBooks Version 2019

System requirements:

Integration/compatibility requirements:

Step 2:

Once the first step gets completed successfully, fetch license and product number upon downloading the product from official intuit website or through CD//DVD. If you've downloaded the product from the official website, then check the email as the essential details like product key and license number. If you have CD then look for scratch off label for packaging.

Step 3:

Follow step-by-step QuickBooks Installation Process on Mac desktop

Prepare installer

Initiate the process of installing QuickBooks

Step 4:

Upgrade/Convert company file

If you've initiated the process to upgrade from QuickBooks windows Desktop version to Mac, then parallels Mac application has to be downloaded and installed. Here's the process to get the procedure implemented

Step 5:

Set up multi-user mode

In case you've multiple user license, QuickBooks application needs to be set up in multi-user mode to make sure all the registered users can easily access company file independently


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