Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6130

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Are you frustrated with QuickBooks error code 6130?

QuickBooks application is gaining hype across the globe especially the United States and Canada where accounting firms are available in large numbers to handle the tasks of different clients for managing the essential requisites in a best possible way. This accounting software developed by Intuit is highly competent to be used in multi-user mode wherein the file is shared for the convenience of users to access from the server. This is where the problems generally occur and QuickBooks error code 6130 prompts up saying:

"QuickBooks is making attempt to find the required file but unable to connect with the database server"

Handling QuickBooks desktop error 6130 cannot be an easy task for anyone unless he/she is a certified technician and has the experience to resolve or troubleshoot critical errors adopting the certain techniques that suit best as per requirement. QuickBooks error 6130 does not prompt up on the own as there are certain circumstances that enforce it to do so alike QuickBooks software error 6106

The Reason Behind the Persistent Occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 6130

  • The company file being accessed is damaged or corrupt.
  • The QuickBooks applications being used on the client workstation looks like obsolete
  • The network configuration issues also result in QuickBooks application error code 6130.
  • Windows firewall; being switched on, does not let application to work at its will, leads to QuickBooks software error code 6130
  • Incompatible or outdated Windows OS as per the version of antivirus software does not let users work on QuickBooks software and does results in error 6130 prompts on the desktop screen.
  • Attempts made to gain access the file fails because of corrupted/damaged network data or transactional log files.

QuickBooks error code 6130

Things to Remember Before Troubleshooting or Resolution QuickBooks Error Code 6130

  • Make a sure updated version of QuickBooks software is being used.
  • Maintain a secure backup of company file before taking a step ahead for resolution of QuickBooks error 6130.
  • Install the Windows update on desktop/Laptop before moving ahead to troubleshoot application errors.
  • Do remember to get QB File Doctor installed on the server with an aim to repair the damaged files. In the case of contingency, acquiring an aide is the best idea before accessing the file, can be the best idea altogether.
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Steps to Troubleshoot or Resolve QuickBooks Software Error 6130

Here are the steps that can help you know resolution and how to troubleshoot or resolve QuickBooks software error 6130.

Step 1: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Visit the official website of Intuit and download QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • Get the tool installed in the device properly and check if no error has occurred while installing file doctor tool

Note:QuickBooks file doctor tool scans the files and notifies the issues that are the root cause behind QB error 6130. It's also recommended to backup the files as there's a threat that company files may get damaged. Let's proceed ahead to step 2 and perform other necessary actions that are required to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 6130.

Step 2: Rename. ND (Network Data) and.TLG (Transaction Log) File

  • Access Windows file manager as well as navigate to QuickBooks installation folder.
  • The folder is generally located at C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\.
  • It's essential to look for the files but with.ND and.TLG extension
  • Right-click file and select rename by adding. OLD at the end of file
  • (Example CompanyFileOLD.TLG and CompanyFileOLD.ND)
  • Save the required file in the required folder and click on the accounting application again to access the company file.
Step 3: Restart QuickBooks Database Service on Server

  • Press Win+R button simultaneously on the server to open the run windows
  • Just Type services.msc and hit the ENTER button on the keyboard
  • You will find the long list of services in which QuickBooksDBXX has to be searched (xx denotes the version of QB accounting software)
  • Just Select service and click start as the option is visible on the left side of the panel
  • Try to open company file now and incase if you’re still getting the QuickBooks error 6130, then get started with the next step.
Step 4: Reinstall the Latest Version of QuickBooks Software

In case no one of the steps has worked in your favor to troubleshoot QuickBooks accounting Software error 6130 then the best way is to get the latest version of QuickBooks software installed on your device.

It's now sure that you are completely aware of how to fix QuickBooks error 6130. In case the problem still persists every now and then, it's highly suggested to avail comprehensive assistance this procedure is quite similar to the one which is used to resolve QuickBooks application error 6150.