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Know About QuickBooks Error Code H202 and Fix Its Causes

QuickBooks error code H202 as what we can define as the bug associated in the multiuser operational mode of accounting software. This bug also comes into initiation and prompts up as an error when user tries to access the accounting application company file saved on another device and software cannot access the server on the said device.

As many users have reported the issue while they are attempting to access company file in multi-user mode but get confronted with the QuickBooks desktop enterprise error code H202.

"This copy of QuickBooks cannot be accessed from the accounting server configured on the specific device as the company file is located on another device (H202)"

The users generally get puzzled once the QuickBooks H202 error prompts up when the several attempts are being made to access the application. They may be unaware of this error but are supposed to know why it is prompting on a persistent basis.

Most Possible Causes Behind QuickBooks Enterprise Error H202

Here are certain causes or reasons, which users are supposed to know why they are seeing this QuickBooks desktop enterprise error code H202

  • Configuration in hosting server is not correct. Settings need to be modified.
  • Incoming as well as outgoing communication has been barred by the system firewall or antivirus application installed on it.
  • DNS configuration is wrongly set.
  • Quickbooks unable to read the IP address of the server.
  • Certain essential services such as QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor are not working
  • The sudden damager of QuickBooks database server manager

Troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error H202?

[Note]: As the steps are listed in chronological order, it is recommended to follow them properly to resolve or fix QuickBooks error H202.

Step 1: Network connectivity is supposed to be tested

  • Terminate hosting services on all workstation on which Quickbooks application is installed
  • Just open the command prompt on the workstation and enter the server name to ping
  • Type the Cmd prompt box and ping [server name]

Note In case there's any technical issue like packet loss or slow ping response, it indicates serious problem and the network needs to be repaired. Move to next step for repairing network issues

Step 2: Use the Network Diagnostic Tool

  • Download and install the network diagnostic tool
  • Locate the place where the data file is placed and scan folder
  • Takedown the list of IP address as well as network interfaces and enable these ports for QuickBooks
  • Just look out if there is any possibility to examine or diagnose the data file connectivity.
  • No attempt to access the company data file again.
  • Incase the QuickBooks enterprise H202 error is placed, list QuickBooks in the list of exception in firewall and proceed for the next step

Step 3: Configure your server to Windows Host file

  • Access Windows Host file on the desktop on which Quickbooks application is installed and enterprise error H202 is prompting.
    • (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\) using Notepad.
    • Access notepad as admin if required
  • Take your cursor to create the insertion point crossing the last IP address and type the IP address of server correctly
  • Press the tab key once as well as the type server name.
  • Navigate to menu section and click the file. Now save the company file and press exit
  • Now try accessing the company file again. Hope it is accessible now.

Still if not able to fix error code H202 than you should contact to QuickBooks customer support team for fix QuickBooks error H202 issue