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QuickBooks Script Error – Learn and Instant Fix

QuickBooks Script Error occurs, when a web page, QB was trying to access failed to load. Now QuickBooks may have become synonymous to enterprise accounting with its features laden interface and functionalities, it's not immune to errors. Problems with QB software do occur and that too quite often.
Let us look at one such problem, which is the QuickBooks Script Error. What causes it and what you can do to get rid of this error?

What exactly is QuickBooks Script Error?

You are running your QuickBooks Desktop, and a need arises where you have to access the page on the web through the QuickBooks software. But instead of the web page, you get a message stating, this page can't be accessed, there is a problem with the scripts.
This is the QuickBooks Script Error. It means that the javascript or VBScript codes on the web page have stopped or the browser was unable to execute them.
In most cases, the main reason behind the error is the faulty settings of internet explorer, as this is the browser QB usually accesses the web pages with.
So if you want to troubleshoot the script error, you should start with checking and fixing the internet explorer settings.

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Internet Explorer should be set as the default browser

Some QB services require the internet explorer to be set as the default browser for proper functioning.
Even some of the updates can't be installed correctly if the IE browser is not set as default. This can very well cause the script error too.

  • Open the IE browser, select tools and go to internet option.
  • In the internet options window click on the program tab.
  • Now go to default web browser option and click the make default button.
  • Click Ok and restart the browser to complete the changes.

Run the internet explorer browser in the compatibility mode

  • Open internet explorer and on the top right corner of the page there will be a gear icon, click on it.
  • A drop-down menu will open. Here select tools and then click on Compatibility View settings.
  • In the compatibility view setting, check the option box stating Display all websites in Compatibility View.

Add intuit as a trusted site in the internet explorer

It is possible that internet explorer may see the Intuit website as suspicious. In such case, you may get the Script Error.

  • Adding intuit to the trusted website in the Internet Explorer might do the trick and clear the QuickBooks Script Error.
  • Open the tools section in the internet explorer browser and select the security tab.
  • Choose trusted sites option and then select sites button.
  • You will find the Add this website to the zone field, type and click on the add button.
  • Repeat the same step and this time in the Add this website to the zone field enter https://*
  • Close the trusted website window and now choose, custom level option.
  • Scroll down to miscellaneous and enable Allow Cross-domain requests option and click OK.
  • To completely apply the changes, restart the internet explorer browser.

Clear cache in internet explorer browser

Browser history, cookies and cache files can cause the browser to malfunction and QuickBooks to show script error.

  • Open the browser and click on tools.
  • Now select the internet option and click on the general tab.
  • Under browser history, find the delete option and click on it.
  • You can choose what to delete just select the options you want to delete
  • then click ok.

Disable add-ons on the internet explorer browser

  • In the tools section of the IE browser, click on the internet option.
  • Now select programs option.
  • Click on the new tab and choose, manage add-ons.
  • Click on disable add-ons and to confirm the setting click ok.

When implemented correctly these methods will most certainly clear the QuickBooks Script Error. But, if the error persists and you can't find the correct troubleshooting method, then instead of attempting to solve the issue on your own, it's better to get a professional to look into the matter. Contact the QuickBooks support and you will be connected to a qualified support professional in no time for fix QuickBooks srcipt error