Request a Refund from Norton

Subscriptions and Automatic renewal Norton products can be refunded within 60 Days of purchasing date.

How to Request a Refund from Norton? Get a Refund

Subscriptions and Automatic renewal Norton products can be refunded within 60 Days of purchasing date. But in some cases,shipping and handling may not refundable except in certain states.
Some countries where these items are refundable.Here are some ways to process a refund through Norton.

How do you get a refund from Norton?

The instructions for obtaining funds vary depending on you where you made the purchase. You should visit official request a refund webpage of Norton. You will find a list of frequently asked question and answers. We advise customers to check help section of Norton before they contact a customer representative.

Please select one of the following depending on your purchase:
  • First you can Request a refund from Norton for Automatic Renewal refund
  • Request Refund
  • If the Refund for Norton came from service provider

Request a Norton Automatic Renewal Refund-

If you want a refund for your Norton Automatic Renewal charge then you have to contact Member Services & Support or by chat

Request Refund-

You can do request refund for Norton core router purchased on Norton online store.

If Refund for Norton that came from service provider

If your Norton product came from a service provider or Internet service provider then Norton cannot issue you a refund. Contact your provider for help.
There are different ways to request a refund when you get automatic renewal from Norton. You can request refund by Email, Chat, Call or even by filling a form but the most popular and easy way to claim your refund is by calling or chat to Norton directly to resolve your issue immediately.

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

If you are not glad with your purchase. Norton policy may include a refund, though some restrictions apply, so please review the terms below. Norton policy is independent of any legal rights that you may have under the law.

  • Shipping and handling or any applicable taxes are not refundable.(Except in certain states and countries where these items are refundable.)
  • If you return or cancel Norton subscription or offering, then you have to agree to uninstall and delete all copies of the software from your device(s).
  • The most important things to note is your cancellation, return and refund eligibility may be different if you purchased from or were billed through a third party (e.g. App store, service provider, reseller, retailer and vendor, etc.). Please Review your offer terms for more information.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact Norton Help service because to ensure fast service. You may also submit your refund request via live chat (not available in all countries).