Whys my Laptop Running Slow and How to Fix it?

Let us focus on the most common problem why your laptop so slow and how to fix instantly

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Laptop troubleshooting guide: My Laptop is running slow

In this digital era, laptops and other computing devices are essential in daily life whether you are a student, professional or employee. But in the superfast digital era, there are several instances or problem where your laptop is running slow and you wonder whys my laptop so slow Whenever such incidence occurs that my laptop is running slow or all of a sudden it stops working, then it becomes very frustrating. Do you know that there are many reasons which are responsible for the slow running of the laptop?

Common reasons because of which your laptop is running slow and how to fix these problems

Let us focus on the most common reasons because of which your laptop is running slow and how to instantly fix it?

1. Several programs running in the background

Although, a laptop can do multi-tasking, but when you open many programs on the laptop and they keep running in the background, then surely it is the reason why laptop is running slow.. When you run many programs at the same time, the processing of the laptop slow down and hence the laptop is running slow.

How to stop running program?

To resolve this issue, and to avoid slow running of your laptop, close all the programs that you are not using and are running simultaneously on the computer screen. Either go to Windows> Task Master or simply click Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together on the keyboard. Select any program that you want to close and then click on the "End Task" button.

2. You need to update your operating system:

At times, the operating system of your laptop i.e. MAC or Windows might have become obsolete and lacks the new updated drivers as well as software patchers. Therefore, keep checking for the updates whenever your laptop prompts and update your operating system to boost speed.

How to update?

In order to update the operating system on the laptop to prevent it from running slow, you need to click on the icon of magnifying glass that appears on the left side-bottom corner of the laptop screen. Type in the words "update" in the search bar. Click on the "Open" button and then click on the "Download. It will take a few minutes for your system to get an updated version of the operating system

3. The laptop has malware or virus:

It is a common sight that your laptop may get infected with the virus or malware. This is because the laptop may get infected from the emails, website, videos streaming, ads etc. that are received from unknown senders, suspicious sources or unknown links. It is better to avoid accessing such links and emails to prevent the slow running of the laptop.

How to fix viruses problem

To fix that, you simply need to remove virus, malware or malicious software from your laptop. For this, click on the search bar on your laptop that is available on the left-hand side bottom corner. Type the words "Security" in the area and then click on the "Open" button. Then click on the "Virus & threat protection". Once the new window is open, click on the "Quick Scan". Alternatively, go to the antivirus software installed on your laptop and click on the "Scan" button to perform the detection of the virus. It will take a couple of minutes or more for the laptop to perform a virus check. This will resolve the problem when the laptop is running slow.

4. Delete temporary files:

Whenever you create, edit or modify any file on your laptop, simultaneously a temporary file is also created and stored in your laptop. The temporary files take the unnecessary space and have the extension as ‘’.tmp’’. Although, the laptop is scheduled to automatically deletes such files from time to time. However, if they are left unattended they can cause the laptop running slow.

How to fix this problem?

To resolve this issue, deleting such temporary files is the only option. In the search box type "Disc Cleanup" and click on the "Open" button. When a new window appears, click on the drive from which you want to delete the temporary files and then click on the ‘OK’ button. Then, check the box that appears next to "Temporary files" and again click on the "OK" button. This action will help you in running your laptop fast

5. The RAM is not enough

To keep all things in your laptop at stand-by, you need RAM i.e. Random-Access-Memory. Generally, it ranges from 2 GM to 4GB depending upon the requirement of the user and the tasks handled. However, for multi-tasking, graphics-intensive program, saving a lot of data, files and videos, you require a RAM that is higher and ranges between 8 GB to 16 GB to avoid the laptop from running slow.

How to fix RAM issue

To find out if you have enough RAM or not and how much RAM is being used and unused, click on the search bar. Type ‘’About’’ click on the ‘’Open’’ button. Now, on the right-hand side pane, you will see the details of RAM mentioned beneath Device Specifications. If the RAM of your laptop is lesser than 8 GB and you have loads of data to save then it is better to get it updated by enhancing the storage.


These are some of the few common issues which cause slow running of laptop. There are few other reasons as well, but these are the most commonly occurring reasons that we listed above.

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