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Fix Norton Antivirus Account Login Problem

Having trouble signing In? Need to fix login problem for manage protection of Norton antivirus account and keep protect your device with Norton securities but some time user face the sign In / login problems in Norton my account. After login in your account you can access and manage your protection to protect all devices. Norton one ongoing security subscription secures your business and gives you time to focus on what is really important to you are running your business. Help keep information secure, regardless of where it lives. A unique solution will secure your office/home computer, laptop, Smartphone and tablets by Norton

Why you are not unable to login in Norton my account?

If you are unable to login in your Norton my account for product key, access Norton account, manage all subscription and increase to your Norton antivirus protection to PC/Laptop, Mac, Android and other devices.

There could be many reasons you are facing the Norton login issues, here are some easy steps that you can follow in order to resolve the login issue with your Norton antivirus.

Fix "Cannot connect to the Norton server" When I trying to Sing In / Login to My Norton Account

When I trying to sign In to Norton my account or Unable to login in Norton my account with Norton Security, message is showing "Communicating with the Norton server", tries to login again after some time, again says "Cannot connect to the Norton server". To fix this issue do bellow work

  • Regular update your Norton antivirus
  • Need to Update Google chrome
  • Update windows 10 pro
  • Caches remove from the IP, DNS and browser
  • Virus scan and
  • Use to Norton tool to uninstall and reinstall.

Still if you are unable to fix Norton antivirus account login problem use the other bellow option.

Activate the Norton product correctly to gain access to your account

If you haven't correctly activated newly purchased Norton antivirus you may not be able to login to your Norton account.

  • You have to add the Norton subscription to your Norton account.
  • If you have the 25 digits numerical key go to your Norton account and enter the key in getting started menu.
  • Once the product is activated you will have access to its full features and you will most likely not face Norton login issues.

Restart the computer and check for internet connection

If you are still unable to login to your Norton account then check that you have access to the internet. The poor internet connection can also prevent you from signing / login in to your Norton account.

Restart your computer as well as your router. This will reset your internet connection and may resolve the Norton antivirus login issue.

Recover Norton Account Login User Name and Password

If you have bought the Norton online subscription you can only login with the credentials that you used while buying the Norton antivirus.
If you are not sure that you are entering the right username and password or if you have forgotten the username name or the password, you can opt for the password recovery option.

  • Go to Norton login page.
  • You will see the option having trouble signing in?
  • Link retrieve user name and password after on that click will open new page for asking your mail
  • write the mail and click continue.
  • You get the message "Recover page email will be sent to if this email is link with an old Norton account. Please open your mail and click to link for read instruction to recover your Norton antivirus account details. This link will be valid for some time"

Now manage anywhere and anytime after login in Norton account

Login in your Norton account to handle your billing, renew Norton subscription, setup, update, request a refund from norton and increase your Norton antivirus protection anywhere and at any time

Lost or stolen any devices protection to Keep you secure by Norton antivirus

If you have lost or stolen your devices, you can track it and remotely lock, set sound alarm, take a screenshot when the screen of devices is activated, and keep your important information to prevent access by Norton antivirus

Note - These are some above troubleshooting steps you can follow if you are facing the login error with Norton. But even after all these steps you are still not unable to Norton login, then it is recommended that you contact the Norton customer support to look into the issue and get the possible solution.

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