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McAfee Login – Sign In to McAfee Antivirus Account

McAfee is an anti-virus and anti-malware software which prevents harmful and threatening applications and viruses from entering your computer. Being one of the most highly sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware software on the market, It's the right pick for your computer safety. Being one of the leading antivirus programs, McAfee is currently being used by billions around the world. Best known for its high security features, Also offers high rate security from a variety of viruses. McAfee's easy to use antivirus login makes accessing your account simple. You can access your complete coverage information by sign in / login into your antivirus account.

How do I Sign In / login to McAfee My Account?

Login / SignIn into your McAfee "My Account". Follow the steps provided below to access into your antivirus my account.

Existing users login to McAfee account

  • Open the official McAfee login page for sign in to account login and press the "Enter" button.
  • This will open the home page of the McAfee's website.
  • You will see various options right-hand side at the top of the web-page, including the option of "My Account" and "Sign in". Click on "My Account".
  • Now you will see another web-page opening up on the computer screen wherein you are asked to "Log in to McAfee"
  • and then select "Sign In / Login" enter your registered email address and password associated with your McAfee account, then select "Log In"

New users create account to McAfee login / Sign In

  • If you are a new user,
  • In case you have never registered, then click on the option of "Register Now" as mentioned on the page.
  • Enter your login / Sign in information such as Name, email id, generate a password and click on "Create account".
  • Go to your inbox because you will receive a confirmation email there. Open the email from McAfee, click on the verification email.
  • Now you will be taken to the website of the McAfee for account login. Follow the above-mentioned steps to login into the account.
  • then try sign in
Once login to your McAfee antivirus account, hover over "My Account" and the following options will appear:
  • My Profile: Edit your personal information
  • Auto-Renewal Settings: Enable/disable auto-renewal
  • Subscriptions: List of all active subscriptions and Renew McAfee subscription
  • Additional Rewards: View additional services offered by McAfee
  • Redeem Your Retail Card: for update your McAfee subscriptions
  • Update Profile: Edit your personal information and addresses
  • Edit Billing: Change or update billing information
  • Common FAQs

How to Fix McAfee Account Login / SignIn Problems

If you are having issues login into your McAfee antivirus account, follow these easy steps to setup / fix McAfee Sign In issue so that next time you can access your antivirus my account easily.

1. Entering Wrong Login Credential/Submitting Automatically

You may be entering in the wrong my account login credentials: email adderess or password. Otherwise McAfee website might be submitting the wrong login credential automatically causing sign in issue.

  • Place your mouse over "My Account," then select "Sign In" from the list provided
  • If there is a default email address in the designated field, erase it and type in the registered email address and password, then select "Log In"
2. Check Your Internet Connection

Slow internet can prevent to login into your McAfee antivirus my account. Check your internet connection and restart your devices and as well as internet connection (Router). This process will be reset your system internet connection and may fix the McAfee antivirus account login/signIn problems

After check and reset internet connection if you are unable to access into your antivirus my account than use the next option to fix McAfee login issue

3. Reset/Recover the forgotten login password for McAfee my account

In case you do not remember the old password for your McAfee account you can easily reset it to gain access to your account

Process to recover McAfee account login password

  • Open McAfee account login page
  • Place your mouse over "My Account," then select "Sign In" from the list provided
  • You will see "Forgot your password?" like as above image click on
  • New Windows will be show as bellow image
  • Fill the your registered email id in the text box to the password recovery process link
  • Check your email and click on reset password link
  • And follow the instruction for generate the new password
  • After generate new password now you can access in your McAfee account login

Note : - Hope after used all steps you have fixed your problem. Otherwise if you are still facing sign in problems with your McAfee antivirus my account connact to officialy McAfee team to resolve your login issue

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