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QuickBooks Premier 2020 is an accounting solution software application that provides the user to not prepare customised reports, handle accounts and manage the finances of the organisation. Have you just got QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 and struggling to install, upgrade and activate the same, get quick help here is the right procedure to do by following the given steps.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

The features and benefits of QuickBooks Premier 2020 are many that provide the organisation with completion of all the accounting tasks. To summarise, the following are some of the major features of QuickBooks Premier 2020:

According to the industry, sector and size of the organisation, you can implement the use of QuickBooks Premier 2020 in your organisation. Ranging from small to medium level companies, everyone can enjoy the fruits of QuickBooks Premier 2020. It is possible to tailor-make every report and data for analysis as per the requirement.

QuickBooks Premier 2020 is convenient to apply in any organisation as it does not require any special system requirement and can be downloaded on existing systems that are majorly being used worldwide.

You can keep a track of all the customers, contractors, manufacturers, creditors, banks, projects, clients, importers, exporters etc. in one software and need not maintain separate books of accounts.

All the major tasks of accounting including book-keeping, taxation, sales tax, depreciation, profit and loss account, trading account, balance sheet, etc. can easily be prepared in only one software i.e. QuickBooks Premier 2020 and can be accessed by anyone who has right to use it.

Sharing of information When one person edits or maintains the QuickBooks Premier 2020 software, anyone who has access can view, edits, print, and use the information

QuickBooks Premier 2020 allows ease of paying bills, tracking expenses, maintaining accounts receivables, payment to creditors, banks, non-profit organisation, payment of taxes, etc.

With QuickBooks Premier 2020, preparation of the business plan and creating forecast plans is not a tough job anymore. Since the data is available, preparation of reports, budgets, forecast plans, annual reports etc. becomes fast and easy.

Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

After purchasing the QuickBooks from the website of Intuit by the following link, you will get the message on your screen to run InstallShield Wizard. This will initiate the installation of QuickBooks program. Thereafter, you will get a message stating "Welcome to QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020" and Click "Next" after that.

System Requirements

Turn on your computer/ laptop and check out which is the version of Windows that you have been using. Remember, QuickBooks works on Windows 7, 8, 10 etc. as well as on Mac. Besides, it requires Minimum RAM 4GB, 4 GHz processor, Disk space of 2.5 GB, 4 X DVD-ROM drives, 1208 x 1024 Screen resolution and extra space for saving files.

Licensing and agreement acceptance

Once the QuickBooks installation program is initiated, you will be asked if you agree to follow the rules, regulations and guidelines as per the licensing agreement. You have to click on the checkbox which reads "I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement". Then click on the "Next" button.

Mention the License and Product Numbers

Thereafter you will get a window, wherein you are required to enter the details of License and Product Numbers. These are available on the "yellow sticker" behind the CD sleeve or appears in the purchase receipt while you have purchased online. Further click the "Next" button.

Network Sharing plan

Further, you will see the window of "Custom and Network Options" where you have to specify if you plan to share the QuickBooks data file on the network or not. Usually, small businesses do not share. However, this totally depends upon your business and situation. Thus, you may mention the computers which will be connected to your network and has access to the QuickBooks files.

Location for upgrade or installation

Now, at this point, you have to select the location for install QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 on the window that reads "Upgrade or Change Installation Location" Either you specify on your own or the default location will be used for installation that is usually acceptable to the users

Start the installation

When you press the "Install" button, the desktop installation program will be ready to start for install QuickBooks Premier 2020. This will take a few minutes for completing the installation.

Opening for QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 after installation or upgrade

Once the installation is finished, you will see a new item appearing in the programs menu of your computer. You will also get a shortcut on the desktop itself from where you can easily open the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020.

Activating QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

Your QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 is ready for activation by clicking on the icon that appears on the desktop. The QuickBooks will read the product-registration information and use your details from there by default to save your identity. You need to accept the information by clicking on the options that appear on the windows.
Now you are ready to use the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 for your business and gain the best out of it for the organization.

Still If you are facing any issue with install QuickBooks Desktop Premier or upgrading and activation for latest version 2020 than you should connect with QuickBooks ProAdvisor or QuickBooks expert for quick help

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